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Name: Caden
Physical age: 25
Activation age: 30

History: Caden is the product of advancements in technologies related to clandestine operations. Used in several operations to date for assassination purposes as well as toppling governments from within, Caden is designed for stealth and infiltrations. Activated 30 years ago, Caden spent a decade learning to use the abilities within their body as well as being programmed and practicing various techniques for assassination, seduction, charming, and blending in. The next two decades of Caden's life were devoted to various missions to hone and test the previously practiced skills. Now Caden hs come to Innerpeace.

Personality: Caden's personality adjusts as needed to the social dynamic. Always seemingly able to fit in in nearly any social situation, Caden is as capable of being anything from an upper-class dinner hostess to a motorcycle gang leader. When alone Caden is a very task focused individual. Cold, calculating, and highly analytical. Occasionally though, their curiosity for the lives of normal people can get the better of them...

Appearance: In Caden's base appearance they possess long straight black hair, black eyes and pale skin. Their facial features are extremely attractive, but androgynous. In Caden's base form, they are 5'7".

Abilities: Caden's abilities are based almost entirely off of manipulation of their own physical appearance and abilities.

Base Form

Camouflauge - 10% WE and an additional 2% WE each turn to sustain it if moving. (Not true invisibility, just an active camouflage.))

Hacking - Caden is both extremely skilled at hacking and extremely resistant to most known methods of hacking. ((Hacking requires Caden to manually plug into a the target computer, reploid, etc.))

Anti-Gravity - 20% WE per turn. Allows Caden to be freed of the effects of gravity. ((This is not flying, this is essentially floating, moving by inertia. There is no ability to change direction in mid air without coming in contact with a solid object.))

Prototype A-Trans

Scan: - 40% WE. Caden is capable of scanning a target's physical appearance, basic abilites, and movements. Any powers displayed before the scan occurs will also be collected as data and stored in memory. Up to 6 different subject's data can be remembered at one time. ((To scan data from a new subject an old subject's data must be discarded. Weapons and possessions are not scanned unless it is a part of the subject's body.))

A-Trans - 20% WE. Caden can change form using the data obtained from their scan ability. Any basic powers that can be used from the scan cost 2% more WE than it would cost the original subject to use the same ability.

Weaponry: Smoke Pellets, EMP Throwing Knives, EMP Short Knife, EMP Caltrops, Stun Baton, Plasma Shiv

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